When will people start receiving earned time credits (30 for 30)? Is it retroactive?


Parole has until March 1, 2022 to calculate and award all retroactive earned time credits and begin awarding 30 for 30 going forward. Each person eligible for earned time credits can receive a maximum of two years of retroactive credits. For example, if you have been on parole for 3 years as of March 1, 2022 with no sustained violations, you will receive two years of retroactive credits and then earn 30 for 30 going forward from that date until you are discharged from parole. If you are incarcerated on a violation when this provision takes effect, your retroactive credits will not be awarded until you are released and restored to community supervision. You will not earn retroactive credits for any period you were incarcerated on a sustained violation – only for periods when you were in the community.

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