When do the provisions of the #LessIsMoreNY Act go into effect?


The Less Is More Act has an effective date of March 1, 2022, but certain parts of the bill went into effect the moment Governor Hochul signed #LessIsMoreNY into law; most notably, the provisions ending detention for accusations of technical violations and eliminating and capping incarceration for technical violations have been in effect since September 17, 2021 when the bill was signed into law. Other provisions, like moving parole violation hearings from jails into the community, conducting recognizance hearings, and applying earned time credits have not been implemented yet and are scheduled to begin March 1, 2022 according to the law. For people already incarcerated on violations when the law was signed, parole has until July 17, 2022 to recalculate their time assessments and release people. There is a clause in #LessIsMoreNY that allows for the Governor to move up the implementation of the new law, and we urge Governor Hochul’s administration to do so swiftly.

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