Sign #LessIsMoreNY NOW

The Less Is More: Community Supervision Revocation Reform Act (S1144A/A5576A) passed the New York State Senate and Assembly last week, on the last day of the legislative session. Now we have to get Governor Kathy Hochul to sign it. We need you to contact Governor Hochul to ensure that she signs #LessIsMoreNY into law immediately.

More than 5,000 people are incarcerated in the state’s jails and prisons for noncriminal technical violations of parolelike missing curfew or an appointment with a parole officer. New York locks up more people for these technical violations than any other state does. The racial disparities are stark: in state prisons, Black people are incarcerated at the rate that white people are for violating parole conditions. And in New York City the disparity is worse: Black people are locked up on Rikers Island for these violations at 12 times the rate that white people are

Governor Hochul can and must fix this problem immediately by signing the #LessIsMoreNY Act. Developed by people on parole, people who are incarcerated, family members, and community groups, the #LessIsMoreNY Act will advance decarceration and public safety in New York, benefiting families and communities, as well as saving millions of dollars

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Approximately 35,000 people are now under active parole supervision in New York State. At almost any time they might see their efforts to successfully rejoin the workforce, their families, and their communities disrupted by re-incarceration for a technical violation. This not only harms individual lives and families without public safety gains, but also drives up the population in local jails and state prisons, wasting taxpayer money.

The Less Is More: Community Supervision Revocation Reform Act would fix these problems. Signing this bill will reduce jail and prison populations, help speed the closure of the Rikers Island jail complex, and strengthen the reentry process for those coming home.

It’s time for Governor Hochul to sign the #LessIsMoreNY Act into law!