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New York Officials and Community Organizations Support the Less is More Act (S.1144A – Benjamin/ A.5576A – Forrest)

We, the undersigned, support the Less is More Community Supervision and Revocation Reform Act to reduce jail and prison populations; support people who are subject to community supervision in the reentry process; promote safety and justice for families and communities; and save taxpayers money.

Officials and Groups Supporting the Less is More Act

List in Formation – current as of October 29th 11:00 a.m.

District Attorneys:

  • Eric Gonzalez, Kings County District Attorney
  • David Soares, Albany County District Attorney
  • Cy Vance, New York County District Attorney
  • Darcel Clark, Bronx County District Attorney
  • Melinda Katz, Queens County District Attorney
  • Matthew Van Houten, Tompkins County District Attorney
  • David Clegg, Ulster County District Attorney
  • Mimi Rocah, Westchester County District Attorney
  • Madeline Singas, Former Nassau County District Attorney
  • Anne Milgram, Former New Jersey Attorney General and CNN Legal Analyst
  • Lucy Lang, former New York County Assistant District Attorney and Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

 Sheriffs and Police

  • Craig Apple, Albany County Sheriff
  • Timothy Howard, Erie County Sheriff
  • John Greenan, Erie County Undersheriff
  • Derek Osborne, Tompkins County Sheriff
  • Peter Volkman, Village of Chatham Police Chief
  • Brendan Cox, former Albany Police Chief
  • Corey Pegues, Deputy Inspector (Retired), New York Police Department
  • Joanne Naughton, Lieutenant (Retired), New York Police Department

 Corrections, Parole, and Probation Commissioners

  • Michael Jacobson, former NYC Commissioner of Correction, former NYC Commissioner of Probation
  • James Payne, former NYC Commissioner of Probation
  • Vincent Schiraldi, former NYC Commissioner of Probation
  • Vanda Seward, former Statewide Director of Reentry Services for the New York State Division of Parole

 Attorneys General

  • Karol Mason, former U.S. Assistant Attorney General and President of John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Robin Baker, former New York Executive Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Justice
  • Denise E O’Donnell, Former U.S. Attorney, Western District of New York; former Director, U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance


  • Jonathan Lippman, Former Chief Justice of the State of New York

NY Citywide Officials

  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
  • New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer
  • New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson
  • New York City Council

NY County Officials 

  • Martha Robertson, Chair, Tompkins County Legislature
  • Shawna Black, Vice Chair, Tompkins County Legislature
  • Richard John, Chair, Tompkins County Legislature Public Safety Committee
  • Amanda Champion, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Deborah Dawson, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Henry Granison, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Rick John, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Anna Kelles, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Anne Korman, Tompkins County Legislator
  • Mike Lane, Tompkins County Legislator
  • David McKenna, Tompkins County Legislator
  • David Sanders, Tompkins County Criminal Justice Coordinator
  • Rochester City Council
  • Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President
  • Mary T. Kuhn, Onondaga County Legislator
  • Rachel Barnhart, Monroe County Legislator 

Organizations (listed alphabetically)


Full list of supporting groups available to download here.



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